FlyntCo Services Computer Repair

Most people want a network installed because they have more than one computer and want to share a DSL or Cable broadband connection to the internet. The other benefits are the ability to share files, printers, and other media such as music, video, and pictures.
If the network is wireless, then computers and can be located wherever it is convenient in the home or office, rather than where a wired connection is located. Laptop users are free to roam anywhere in the wireless network range without losing their connection.
In short, a network makes computing convenient and saves you money.

Wireless Computer Networks

Wireless is easy and convenient. There are no holes to drill or the need to run wires.Configure your desktop, laptop, or tablet or install a wireless network accessory, and you’re ready to surf the web and share resources such as documents, pictures, and music. Wireless devices can move from room to room, floor to floor, or even go outside and remain connected.

Wired Computer Networks

Wired networks are required when fast data transfers are a main concern. They are easy to set up, and are the easiest to use, offering a combination of consistent coverage and performance.

Having both wired and wireless is the best of both worlds. Both wired and wireless can be on the same network at the same time, share the same devices on either topology.
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